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“Hi, my name is Ernst and I will happily make you a professional looking website or blog for $500. I make basic, yet professional looking websites that are perfect for personal projects / blogs or small businesses. I can incorporate all the basics including pages, images, links, etc., as well as anything else you might need to complete your website (Google maps, social media buttons, a contact form, etc.). There are no contacts and I’ll teach you a little about the entire creation process so you can continue to update your website on your own after the job is complete (I’ll leave you with all your login information written down and emailed, as well as tutorial videos that might come in handy later on when you want to make adjustments). Also, you can always contact me free of charge after the job is complete. Please message me with what you have in mind and we can work something out; I can your have website complete for you in less than 2 week.”

Here is how we work:

  1. Information about the work needed
  2. 500 fees is for the work,( not include host and Domain name).
  3. Skype or chat messenger providing.
  4. Work provide on time.
  5. Half payment up Front and half after the job done.
  6. Website build with the Client Domain name.
  7. Tutorial that teach the client on how to use the website.
  8. Provide client how to use back home website, update, how to change password etc…
  9. Any Help require after will be please to serve.
  10. Work on the Client demand.

Feel free to work with us, our mission is to help, serve and share our base knowledge to where there is the needs.

Thanks and hope to work with you!

Ernst Cenege CEO.


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