Have you ever asked yourself “What is my purpose in life” and never getting a satisfactory answer to your question. Well you are not certainly the first human to ask that question. However I am here to categorically tell you that you were created for a specific purpose.

Likewise has difficult and tough periods left you in the shackles of self-defeat, mental shock, and the loss of your freedom. Well when you suffer through repeated failures and setbacks, getting back on your feet can be pretty difficult.

The freedom to live a winning life, to live without regrets, to improve your life or live a fulfilled life can be a mere fantasy. The feeling of being less, doing less and having less due to repeated struggles can overshadow your true self and it becomes overwhelming. 

It is time to change that, not in ten years. But today! Its time to focus on the good aspect of your life, learn, grow and improve that situation. Why not get yourself back into a world you once knew, long ago, before the fears and shock of life, before the loss of that job, or the medical set back. Maybe the time to take control is today. Staying positive although a small part in getting through those hard times is not the

Most important part. But with the help of this book finding your way will be less difficult and less confusing. The solution to your problem is now within your fingertips.

May I make a bold assertion, the reason why people fail in life is because they are not aware that they have a problem. Our biggest problem is lack of knowledge. Being aware is a key ingredient to succeed in life. Once you are aware then you are working towards solving all your problems.

Be More To Be A Better You - Author Ernst Cenege
Be More To Be A Better You – Author Ernst Cenege

Benjamin Franklin once said, “Experience keeps a dear school, but fools will learn no other”.

In essence, you can learn solely through first hand experiences to gain knowledge about life and struggles- but this might be painful. However, picking a motivational Book can be the best way to overcome your low self-esteem and struggles in life. But the most important thing is picking the right motivational book, as there are a thousand books. The right motivational book teaches you that you have everything you need deep within you and that you can find the right direction in your life. That is the simple aim of BE MORE TO BE A BETTER YOU.

To significantly reduce your first hand knowledge about life pick up this book BE MORE TO BE A BETTER YOU penned by Ernst Cenege a rare writer who wrote and wrote movingly and genuinely about life and our many struggles. He strives in the pages of this book to resonate in your mind that you can improve your life no matter what and he does it in simple common sense while articulating these ideas in level headed prosaic terms. As a passionate advocate of self growth, Ernst Cenege is continuously looking for an opportunity to teach young people, adults and even the aged how to self improve themselves. Hence the reason why he compiled some of the best tips which will help you in your personal growth and development. With this book you will begin to see life differently…you will begin to create a new routine for yourself that will strategically position you for success in life.

You have a dream don’t you. Of course you do. BE MORE TO BE A BETTER YOU is a book anchored on the mantra of a philosophy. A philosophy that teaches you that in order to make your dreams come into reality, you need an awful lot of determination, dedication, self-discipline and focus. A philosophy that enables you overcomes those bad habits hindering your self-growth and development in life. You will never go wrong when you apply these principles because no life becomes great until it is focused, dedicated and disciplined.

In this book he seeks to simplify new ways of finding and maximizing your inner strength, which will enable you, overcome the many challenges and struggles of life. There is no stopping you in life when you lay your hands on this book. NO FEAR NO EXCUSES FOR YOU. Remember that some of the best things happen to us when we are in an uncomfortable position. Challenge yourself; get out of your comfort zone. Get a copy of this fountain of knowledge.

If you have ever struggled with low self-esteem, self-defeat and sabotage then this book is the ultimate guide for you. Low self-esteem will sure leave you feeling pretty down and worn out. But with this book as your amoury you will be strengthened and at the end of the day you will get back the much needed confidence because life is not about the bricks that are thrown at you but how we make use of the bricks thrown at us. With this book you will be able to learn more about the causes of low self-esteem, how to face your fears, admit your mistakes, believe in yourself more, invest in yourself more and most importantly exercise your will power to change direction in life.

Nobody can turn back the hand of time to start a new beginning but anyone can start today and make a new ending out of life. You have to stop criticizing yourself and make the most of a healthier motivation habits. It is never too late to learn something new like a new skill. You can reach your potential in life. However, the best way to do this is by getting a copy of this book. This book contains all the healthy motivational habits you need in life.

Your action today will secure your life. Won’t it be nice to stop worrying?  It’s time to set you free! There is no room for those fears and excuses. It’s time to chase that dream. Get your copy of BE MORE TO BE A BETTER YOU. Its time you picked a new destination for your life and yes you can because you have the will power to start the process. The process starts with reading and meditating on this book. You don’t have to remain the same person you are last year. Clean up your errors and invest in yourself. With this book you will be get motivated, find your passion in life which will in turn elevate your career and enable you pursue your ideal life. You need to be committed and responsible for your success.

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