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We cannot start by not making a point on having a vision if someone want to make an impact. So many people want something, want to do something but they don’t have a know, an outcome, somewhere to focus. Its inevitable to see that people who don’t know where they are going and end up nowhere. If you have a why, a reason to go and do something you will do what ever it take to get there and do what ever you want to do. But How far do you willing to go? How much gut you have when things going wrong to hold up and keep push forward? How long is the size of you core believe to stay on the line, unshakable when the big wings, storms in life come in your way to remain the Road and fight all obstacles, struggle and crisis.

Here is what has been revealed:

It doesn’t matter how big you are? How talented you are?How much you get? In one of the interview with Will Smith as he is considering life One of the Most Successful Actor says: ” I never view  myself as particularly talentive, where i excel is ridiculous sickness work ethic.” mean it is not really your talent that will make your life be greater.

It doesn’t matter at all what you get or no have!

Here is What matter:

How far do you willing to Go into life? How far do you willing to put the hard work necessary to go far beyond your expectation?

Can you Get there(where you want to)? Do you have the courage and committed yourself enough to no matter what happen on the way you will not settle for the less?Can you do that( what you wanted to do)? Your goals, dream that you have are their align with your core value and belief?
Can you reach it(the vision that you get)? are your really want to push yourself beyond the fear? to give yourself the credit to sacrifice the inner doubt to save and find your voice.

What is exactly what you are doing that you cant stand away from it. Is there something that you are so existed about that you want to share and give it to others by a meaningful way? What is that you have inside of you that you can wait to share with your close One. what is that you have within and  want to someone listen to you? 

The Bottom line is: can you find someone that talk to about what you have in your mind that is so enlightening you with pleasure to talk about? Do you have that? Than its the moment to manifest with big expectation this driving idea to the life of others because is matter and the impact will serve for the greater of Good

Make an Impact today, make if what you live for and stand behind it like a voice to direct, encourage and inspiring lives in needed. 

Ernst Cenege.

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