Tony Robbins has been known The Pioneer life coach. Business Strategy and the number one Self Development Expert in the World. He is the First most watched TED Talk in youtube.


In this video there is so much to learn about. Beside Tony will motivate you and inspire you because some people call him “the motivator Guy” even though he reframe himself in the talk right in the beginning as he said:


And the bottom line of why I’m here, besides being a crazy mofo, is that I’m really in a position I’m not here to motivate you, obviously; you don’t need that. And a lot of times that’s what people think I do, and it’s the furthest thing from it. What happens, though, is people say to me, “I don’t need any motivation.” And I say, “Well, that’s interesting. That’s not what I do.” I’m the “Why” guy.

But He also help you position yourself by finding own point of view and See what is real in life. Experiment is a great source of learning how to do and get things in life using the law and rules, In second way beside getting things he also help you go deep than using your inner part that is really make life even more significant.


As he continue to say: I look at life and say, there’s two master lessons. One is: there’s the science of achievement, which almost everything that’s run is mastered to an amazing extent. That’s “How do you take the invisible and make it visible,” right? How do you take what you’re dreaming of and make it happen? Whether it be your business, your contribution to society, money — whatever it is for you — your body, your family. But the other lesson of life that is rarely mastered is the art of fulfillment.



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