5 Keys Important To Success In Life.

5 Keys Important To Success In Life

We are living everyday in this modern society where people going out to look for getting more, have more and accomplish much more in everything that they do. Some are living in a way that they do what everybody else is doing without knowing exactly why they do what they do. Just because they want to be successful that does mean everything they do will make you have also success in life. In fact there are certain Keys important to success in life.

Each and every human being have a different way to define success. But there is a commonality in it that all success in life come from having something (goals, desire and dream) to realize. As it been said Success in having the gut to make something real.

 “The key to happiness is having dreams.  The key to success is making your dreams’ come true.”

Instead of living just chasing around something that attribute to others, wouldn’t be better to be a little bit more conscious and aware of how could you get more clear about first what you want in life that determine your success not somebody else and take charge of your own conditions and atmosphere that responding to your reality?

When you find out what is it you really want ( be wealty, healty, good relationship,new career, business money, houses, freedom etc… ) and get clear vision about them, you are able to drag them toward you through the way you will be making better desicion. You will be able to modelling other successful people, reprogram better you conscious mind and stay in a positive state of action that will take you where you are to where you are to be by focus on the direction that move closer to your dream.

You know in every field, industry and any area that you want achieve in life there are a certain patterns, traits or keys to things that will help you make your reality come true. If you want to live fully and happy by being successful in what you are doing  this are the five keys to success in life.

 Here are 5 keys important to success in life.

1- Know what you are pursuing

The first mistake that many people do in life is not knowing what are they looking after. people going around doing a lot of stuff by the fact others were doing them. You need to set yourself in a different stage of get in a goal to pursue, have a dream something that you will be excited to have in your life, make it clear by writing down somewhere that you can see it, live it within you and nourishing the desire of getting it every single day. There is strong effect on writing you goals, dreams and desires. It makes you see and feel that it can be done, and become more real for you than having just a wish in your mind. Anything that someone could think of as soon as is not writing down where that you can check it from time to time its just a wish. You don’t want to have a wishes, you need to have goals in life that you are going to turn into reality.

 2- Create an Action Plan

Having a goal is not enough if you don’t put in place an action plan that will take you to reach it. You have to quickly identify what are those things that you are going to do that will take you more closer to realize your goals? What are those first things that you need to do, to change in order to  help you get establish yourself in the right track of accomplish the most desire goals you have? as the first key you absolutely don’t want to miss to write all those that you need to act on. They must be more than the goals that you write. Everything that you could think of  that possible help you need to be in the list that is you action plan you will be mostly spending your time after.

3- You Need Preparation.

Everything that have been doing at some how been prepared also. As the same to success you need to me prepare for it. Confucius put it that way, ” Success depend upon previous preparation, and without such preparation there is sure to be failure.” for another say Success love preparation. And Benjamin Franklin put it in this way,” By failing to prepare, you are preparing to fail.”  Preparation give you advantage when the time arrive, it make you be ready for when the opportunity come. It’s better to be ready and not have an opportunity, then to have an opportunity and not be ready. You can only be ready though preparation.

4- Invest in Yourself.

I recently read an article about Warren Buffet, the world’s best investor, one of American’s wealthiest people, is famously known as the world’s greatest investor, and according to Forbes has a net worth of $67.5 Billion in July 2015. During the Q&A session at Berkshire Hathaway’s annual meeting in 2008, Buffet said:

“The most important investment you can make is in yourself. Very few people get anything like their potential horsepower translated into the actual horsepower of their output in life. Potential exceeds realization for many people…The best asset is your own self. You can become to an enormous degree the person you want to be.”

In an ABC news interview in July of 2009, Buffet said:

“Generally speaking, investing in yourself  is the best thing you can do.  Anything that improves your own talents; nobody can tax it or take it away from you.  They can run up huge deficits and the dollar can become worth far less.  You can have all kinds of things happen.  But if you’ ve got talent yourself, and you’ ve maximized your talent, you’ ve got a tremendous asset that can return ten-fold. “

Investing in yourself have a lot of different way and manner you can do it. First Learning new skill (Communication, speaking, writing, sales, persuasion, marketing etc….  ), read book, good materials, get a mentor, training and so on. The good thing is all those if you practice something in any field particularly an hour a day  regardless as Brian Tracy put is that way 1 hour makes all the difference  “One hour per day of study will put you at the top of your field within three years. Within five years you’ll be a national authority. In seven years, you can be one of the best people in the world at what you do.”

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5-  Put the work necessary.

You usually heard that people say  he or she is lucky, but they don’t know before they know about them what those people were doing to get the success that they want. If you look a little bit deeper and ask all the successful people they will tell you that they have  put a lot of time necessary to get where there are.

Thomas Jefferson say: “I’m a great believer in luck, and I find the harder I work the more I have of it.” in variation  “The harder I work, the luckier I get.”

Yeah they seem to be lucky but they have grind themselves to get so successful. The hard work give you the change yeah to be lucky. If you belief in yourself, in your potential, and in your ability to put the time and effort necessary by working harder every time is needed you will ensure your success in anything in life.

You are living your time now to prove first yourself that you can become success in life. You have a goal, desire you need to achieve and turn them real.  Here you have 5 keys to success in life that most successful people have been reveal in them journey. Make them be yours and model guide to drive your life to the next level.

Ernst Cenege.


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