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8 Best Ways To Make Your First Million Dollars

8 Best Ways To Make Your First Million Dollars

July 31, 2015 Written by ernst123


8 Best Ways To Make Your First Million Dollars

When it comes to the topic money there are a lot of  myth and contradiction on how to become a millionaire. So many people have advice on how to get more money, how to make your first million dollars meanwhile they haven’t make even them first earnings amount significant that could proof size them as those one that have been built themselves in a position to be part of the rich people.

If we can get back in time to reflect a little bit, we can see that money don’t talk in growing process for many families life. Or the only thing that a child have like a real advice from them parent is to go to school to get a degree after you will make enough money to live. Unfortunately so many kids get graduate every year few of them as find them to make enough of what they want to earn themselves.The contradiction that we face in our life is we take advice from where and to whom that not even have themselves what they want and we think those people know enough to tell us what we suppose to do.

Everybody want money, most people would like to be a millionaire but living and acting in the opposite site with falsify statement on how to earn a million dollars. There are unfortunately  a lot of People that write and speak about the shortest way to become rich, and more teach how to become millionaire without doing the effort  necessary.

Now let see what its takes for Anyone to actually make your first million dollars

1- On of the first things that I have learn from Grant Cardone on his episode How To Make Your First Million: Its never been easy to make a million dollars but if you think you can’t make it, if you think it impossible then yeah it is impossible. For the same saying that Will Smith on one of his interview, ” He who think who can’t or who think he can’t the both right”.

That fact is that many people in them lifetime have already make a million dollars. The average household income in USA is at $50,500 time 20 years is $1,010,000. The average wage in Australia  is $57,980 time 20 years 1,159,600. The average Salary in France is $54,720 time 20 years is $1, 094, 400 This is just a few country. After we facts what is the reality? The reality is how to retain millions that you probably had make in your pass time working and how to track yourself to make millions dollars from now?

2- We often  hear that some of program out of there say saving money can make you  rich. It crucial this concept by so many people that doesn’t know how to explain better what is that concept. Instead of teach people on how they should save  isn’t be better to teach people  on how and what they should be spending. Its like teaching people how to play lottery, wouldn’t be better to teach people to save that money tickets lottery to buy educational materials and books on how really to make themselves valuable to earn any amount of wealth that they desire? They don’t even also teach how the value of the paper money decrease by time and even the banks take profit on your saving account some how. We  need to learn from good source to not fool ourself with wrong information. From the great like how Warren Buff turn $40 into $10 millions and the legendary in investing now have 72.3 billion net worth now in 2015.

3- You do not really necessary need to college degree in order to become millionaire, even worst a billionaire we have proof of Bill Gates the richest man in the world is a dropped out college. That’s not mean that you shouldn’t attending your college degree but its just not an excuse to not either having a college degree or become one of the richest and wealthiest person in the world. The true that we have to highlight in the same concept, all the wealthiest people are self learner. They constantly learn and from good source of information not by the noises out of there, they discipline them mind and thought with certain particular way that completely different from all the rest populations.

4- If there one point, a secret, gold nugget that you could find in the life of the most successful people in the know how to invest, they have learn well and master this point, they know how to invest In themselves, in the marketplace, in time, in life etc…  Robert Kiyosaki in his series Rich Dad Poor Dad make clearly approach with the important to left behind the bar of an employee to become in Investor. That is one of the first things that every entrepreneur, everyone that aspire to become a millionaire need First to invest in learning about investing.

5- Live Beyond your mean I think many of us confused what mean. Some people think that it mean you have to be save more  and others think that it mean you have to spend less. Both can be right depend on your current situation that is what they never told  you about on how your should live beyond  your mean in the situation that you are in. It never mean what you should do or not, it never mean in what you should save or not or even in what you should spend but I ratter think like on HOW should you live.

6- Redirect the money automatically to Different Account. Some people don’t know what to do because they don’t have strategy to do things and they don’t learn to calculate numbers. You need to have an automate plan. where that you can send a portion of your earning somewhere that it not even touch your hand. You need learn to pay yourself first and all the rest after. An important source of automate your income in Money Master The Game by Tony Robbins. where he show you what the best of the best have made. Ramit Sethi a highly recommend to check one show in a clear explanation how to take charge of your life on is book  I Will Teach You To Be Rich.

7- We often hear this saying that become a popular quote: ” If you don’t know where are you doing, you will end up nowhere”. People don’t take time to know exactly what it will take for them to reach a millions dollars? How long it will take them? Do the math calculation to see clearly in numbers what will be for them to earn them first $1, 000, 000? That was one of the great point that I learn from Grant Cardone. Some many don’t know the important to put your mind in place to do this little work of mind. If you don’t know how many you need in a months , in a year, in 5 year  how do you think you will know to get to 20, 30 years from now.

8- Many people get stuck in one place, one source,  one things and think that they are doing the right things to get the success that they really after. Its one of the biggest mistake that I ever made trust only one source. The faster way to accumulate a significant amount of everything you want its when you could have multiple source to absorb, multiple flow, Cash flow those are the terms that you need to find a way to master. Great source to learn about it is to play monopoly to find the lesson necessary.

As we start the road of becoming a millionaire is not easy there are a lot of risk that need to be taking. There is sometime chance that you going to fail and make a lot of mistakes. And I want to tell that all the people that ever achieve wealth and richest have been somehow fail and make a lot of mistake, this is exactly how they have been gathering and gaining so much because they have learn what doesn’t as much what is working for them. You need to be present and take advantage on the time your get, practice constantly your learning curve, going from failure and failures until you win as Mark Cuban put it that way” You just need to win Once,” its doesn’t matter how many failure you had in the pass. Keep making the effort, the attempt and implementing the necessary things in other to see your progress and success that you could find on the way, this is how you could get your chance to become what you want to become. Persistent will be in your favor because it will prepare you for when the opportunity come. Winston Churchill’s  Put it in an easily understanding way right for everyone : “Success consists of going from failure to failure without loss of enthusiasm.”

Its The time to write down what you going to do from now to reach your target no matter what is it your numbers, to earn more than what you have been earn, to become who you want to become and live a legacy behind that some many people can learn from your journey. You can be a source to inspire others by reaching your goals and desire, accomplish your dream others can benefit so much from your. But you  have prove yourself first that you are willing to commit, have a clear focus on extending yourself to be able to grab your share in this lifetime opportunity where you can create an immense impact in your life first and millions others. You Have all the necessary on how to make your first Million Dollars make it worth to gain it because it much more valuable than any current conditions or place you are right now.

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