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7 Ways To Overcome Procrastination

7 Ways  To Overcome Procrastination.

Do you ever feel wanted to do something you procrastinate about it ( I want to run a marathon, go to gym, Quit smoking learn a new language, an instrument, want to start a business ), ect….

You go on days after days talk about it, or didn’t find the time to get it done. You have so many ideas and projects but you never start trying to do anything and  you are putting off so many things including some most important task.

Do any of this sound familiar or related to you personally?

When you finally took a leap of faith to start doing something but you get hit on wall and beat up by all sort of ; it is hard to do, I cant do it, I thought I could, you get discourage, disappointed and loosing all motivation to even try a little bit more.

Do you ever wonder how come I always get behind and those people that are successful are doing such and that things ? They always find way to accomplish so much and get more stuff done.

Let me tell you that you are not the only person that get hold by procrastination. The way most people feel, do and act the same way you do. Most of the time you just  need a small push, a little encouragement that could motivate and help you make the fist step. some people use self-talk, some incantation, repeat themselves some inspiring and motivating words or phrase to help them waking up the mood that keep them in  low level of taking action and start doing something.

In fact, its not because you cannot do things, or do every goals we set to. But it just there are so many details that come in our way in form of distractions (notications; email, a phone to be answer, it is time to go to meetings, lunch, break, need a coffee etc…) at the end of the day you didn’t accomplish what is important to you and things that you have started stay unfinished.

It become so frustrated sometimes sees so many things that you try on but never complete them or you either perform very poorly. You ask yourself why I am failing all the time ?

Is that describing to someone like you?

The truth is not only, you are procrastinating so much, just you get so good at it, you do it very well.

Here are 7 ways on  how to overcome Procrastination

1- Identify what is Important and Urgent .

You need to take a little bit of time to evaluate yourself. What are those things that are the most important for you and that contribute better for your life. Break them down into what have the most priority and highlight them.

2- Forget About the unimportant and not urgent.

There are a lot of things that will not take you to what you want to accomplish. Maybe there are things that you will need to do 1 to 3 months from now or long after. Those things don’t attack them; forget about them for a while. Put right in front of you those that need to be done now, in the morning and during this week or this weekend.

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3- Prepare For Attack

You know that you have so long wanted to do things and never done it. Now it is not the time to play again. You need to prepare for the attack mean that you want o run a marathon start to buy a running shoes and a stopwatch right now. I mean right now. You want to go Gym start looking for the next closer gym phone number and call them right away for subscribes. Make the first move toward what you want. At the moment you are excited and you get the wawawa motivation take advantage to use it don’t let get cold.

“Beat the iron when is Hot”.

4- Pick 1 Small Things To Do.

We often procrastinate because we are looking to do the big things, those things that mostly will attention to the crowd, what other people will see. This when you get by and not able to accomplish it or even stick to it we get major disappointed and we start to pounder, sabotage ourself. Instead become a master in doing little things.

He who not faithful in small, cannot be faithful in big. As the proverb says :

“You don’t give hundread thounsand in a millions if you don’t use to give a Dime in a Dollars.”

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5- Put In Schedule

Anything that is not Writing it is a wish. When you put in down in a paper it become real and achievable. So many things we pass by because we absolutely forget do it. Just because we did have a plan describe for it. The mind can cheat you at any moment even for biggest event like forget to call in the Birthday of a love ones. Don’t trust your mind Just Put a schedule to follow through your task.

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6- Start, Act On And Run.

Ideas without execution are nothing. You don’t just wish you loose weight, you don’t just wish you quit smoking; you don’t just wish you win a marathon. Everything you need to is to start. You need to do something about it. Don’t in the trap of those that try to wait untill every is perfection. There are not such a perfect time to start doing things, there are no better than right now. By waiting to the perfect time, you waste and loose the opportunity to advance yourself in the road. You need to not let the sun rise up and sunset arrive without you been in action Run, Run, Run,… to this is what you need to do.

7- Repeat the process all the steps.

Warren Buffett one Greatest and brilliant investor of all time. His rules for investing .

“Rule No.1: Never lose money. Rule No.2: Never forget rule No.1. Warren Buffett”

Here is what that will keep you on and stays motivate to never sight of your goal or completed the entire task you start. Repeat the process from in the beginning.

For now It has been so long that you have been putting off over and over again so many important task and goals without completed. It is time to all procrastination lay off, It is the moment now to decide to not let yourself behind, and do what is necessary to move your life the direction that could contribute to you success in life, career and your business. Its moment you need to burn the boat. You can live never the same way before and set yourself to live a life fully and plenty. The abundance is yours!

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