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10 Great Books That Will Change Your Life

10 Great Books That Will Change Your Life.

When it come for making a change and have an impact in your life book can be the source, guide to nourishing, feeding your mind. Reading is by far the best proving way to improve the quality of your life.

One of the characteristics of the most successful people in the world is read good books. The Icon in investing “Warren Buffett” pass most is time Reading, The top CEO’s of Fortune companies are reading average 1 book a week, 4 to 5 books a months and 60 books a year.

There are a lot of recommendations by the most successful people on the web that have major impact on them life. Writing this post is really a difficult task in a way that so many books out of their can create a changes in your life depend on the circumstances that you are facing to.

Some of the books that have major impact for me, help me to become different, creating a transformation a switch to my life for better and mostly that have help me raise my life standard through the amount of actions necessary that will create result are in this list.

For not say others books are not as I mention before depend on you circumstances or your current path in life now. As one of the quote of my life is “ Everyone can have something to teach you.” As I always want to learn a lesson from every book.

These are some of the books that can change your life for real and impact you tremendously.

  • Think And Grow Rich – Napoleon Hill

Lesson from the Book: Have a better view and understanding about money. That there are plenty of money available for you. And fix a goal for it. Have a clear determination on how and what you intent to give back in return. Design a process to get you where you want to go in life ( a map). Write your plan down and read it every day by imagine it, make it be real in advance in your life.

  • As A Men Thinketh – James Allen

Lesson from the book: In life there are things, events circumstances that you cannot control, but sure you can control how you responds to the event in life the way you choose on what you need think about. How you feed your mind with thoughts contribute on how you live in life. “Good thoughts bear good fruit, bad thoughts bad fruit.” It’s a seed, you will harvest what you plant mean that you are the master of your garden.

You will attain the success you dream of follow by the actions your put in place to…

  • Awake A Giant Within You – Anthony Robbins

Lesson on the book: How to master your emotions to shape your life and destiny. The decisions and set of rules that will pull you to reach the highest success and unleash your power to create an instant change. There are a system to be mastered and certain life’s values that will change the direction of your life.

  • The Alchemist – Paulo Coelho

Lesson from the book: Fear is the biggest obstacles; you need to embrace the moment, live the present moment changes the monotony life. Decide to dive into a new adventure and the flow will bring something new to look for. Always stay focus on your journey, be moving forward to the next direction without stopping to take actions when it require.

  • The Magic Of Thinking Big – David J. Schwartz

Lesson from the book: You need first to believe that you can succeed by dressing with the right attitude that you can. You need to aim for the better; your success will determine by the size you of your belief. You absolutely are what you think you are. You need to think creatively, think like leader, think well toward others. Build your confidence by taking an amount of action to turn you fear into victory.

  • How To Win Friend And Influence People – Dale Carnegie

Lesson in this book: Life is not about only you but when you have genuinely interest in other people you will succeed way more than expected to. Be Honest, Sincere and make other feel important and appreciated.

  • Mastery – Robert Greene

Lesson from the book: How to discover life calling. It is so important to stay focus on and be patient on time need to reach what matter (goals) you mastered 2hen you acquire the amount of concentration and understanding that fulfilling and enlighten your way in life.

  • Who Move My Cheese – Spencer Johnson

Lesson from the book: In life things change constant, when things change you should change also. You should be willing to take the risks necessary and not be afraid. Don’t hold on old things in life, when there is a change you need to let go the old stuff and quickly move and take action to find the new movement. Everything in life is moving so as we should be moving and not get trap and stuck in the old life.

  • The 4 Hour Work Week – Tim Ferris

Lesson from the book: this book teaches you how to be creative and the need to have a list those priorities you work. Don’t loose sight of what is really important to you, to care about who are those people that really and those that not its ok. And Teach you how to maximize your outcome and eliminate all those detail that not contribute to your best result. 80/20 rules. Separate your life from work and don’t trade your freedom for others time. Live with the moment, the day that you are living, make yourself get the best out it.

  • Rework – Jason Fried & David Heinemeier Hansson

Lesson from the book: One of the key in this book is an Idea is just an idea but the execution that is needed. Its not what you say but ratter the actions that you took that is matters. There are plenty ideas but always few of them are executed. You need to start at some point and real deal is to stay commit to. Sometimes you don’t need too much, is way less that we think that is need to do. You have need to decide and go ahead. Find a way to reach people, build an audience.

Here are few of books that have change my life in so many way. Let me know what are those books that have contribute to your success in the comment section.

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